Americans Lick Their Lips, Cover Their Eyes as Germans Pour Scottish Whiskey Over Hungarian Playmate’s Tits

The US press is all hot and bothered over a cleverly crass German firm that is selling Scotch that has been poured over the tits of 2012 Hungarian Playmate of the Year Alexa Varga. Only one problem: None of the articles show her tits! So here they are, getting a good soaking above, and with little bonus beaver below. Enjoy! more >>


We Prefer Pierre Woodman’s Casting Video to CKM’s New Pictorial of Black Cat

We’ll never understand why Hungary’s lad mags are always insisting that half the girls who pose in their pages (such as car show girl Black Cat) put their clothes back on. Maybe that’s why no one buys the issues anymore. []


Anal Football Club Located Where Else, But Just North of Budapest

Dunakeszi’s football club has found themselves in a tight hole after it emerged that they rented out their football grounds to porn producer Marc Dorcel to film the Oscar-overlooked “Anal Football Club,” starring AVN-award winning Aleska Diamond, turning in a heartwarming double penetration scene. more >>

For Hungarian Playboy, the Truth Lies in the Shadows

Not much else to say other than in the latest issue of Hungarian Playboy featuring reality star Kinga Kutai, it wasn’t just the pictorial that left us disappointed.

Did Miss Hungary Do Dubai?

Mariann “Maya” Bertók, winner of one of the many Miss Hungary beauty contests last year, was recently linked to the “Dubai scandal” which alleges that many Hungarian women celebrities traveled to the gulf state for prostitution. Allegations of celebrities traveling to Dubai for sex have become so widespread, that it has led to the Hungarian neologism dubájozni, literally “to Dubai”, meaning to fuck for money. more >>

Nation Eagerly Awaits Reality Star’s New Tits

It’s not easy being a useless reality show star like VV Seherezádé these days. Not only did she discover that her breasts were augmented using the poisonous PIP implants, but as it turns out, she might have to wait half a year after the removal surgery to receive the new, larger ones. more >>


The Sexiside Guide to Talking Dirty in Hungarian (UPDATED!)

My nipples explode just wondering what he is trying to say

While little known outside of the Carpathian Basin, the Hungarian language – or magyarul – has several claims to fame. One is its mysterious Asian roots, which make it almost completely different in structure and vocabulary from all but a few modern European languages, and thus devilishly difficult to learn. It was also the subject of one of the most famous sketches of the legendary British comedy troupe Monty Python, the so-called “Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook”, from which the above screen-grab was taken. Perhaps not coincidentally, experts in the area of comparative linguistics consider Hungarian an unparalleled medium for profanity and general dirty talk of the most disgraceful sort. Following are some sex-related examples that would seem to confirm this theory, and which you may even find useful. more >>

Hard-up Hotels Sexing Up Budapest One Hour at a Time

In what may be a sign of the hard economic times, or an nimble industry responding to changes in consumer behavior, an increasing number of hotels in downtown Budapest are said to now be offering their rooms for less than a full “guest night.” And you know what that means! more >>


For the Ladies: Happy Women’s Day!

We’re not sure if we have any women readers, but if we do, this one’s for you! It’s “Mr. Blikk” Csaba Kóbor, who you can see a video of by clicking on the link. []


Reality Stars Outnumber Porn Stars in Playmate 2012 Competition

Hungary’s Playmate of the Year 2012 competition is continuing, and in what may be shocking news, reality stars outnumbered porn stars among the nominees. Sparking some outrage by the various girls who went to the casting sessions (which you can see here in the comments) is that a bunch of pseudo-celebrities were brought in despite not even showing up for the castings. more >>

Hungarian-Slovak Actress Charms Audiences, Gets Naked on Screen

Before today, we had no idea who Vica Kerekes is, but now we know that’s she’s a Hungarian-Slovak actress, who is not averse to taking her clothes off in films, and all thanks to whoever uploaded the video above, from her new movie “Muzi v Nadeji”, which got all hot and bothered. May we also suggest you check out the trailer for the film below, which is great even if like us, you don’t understand a single word of Czech.

New Miss Hungary Keeps Up Tradition of Letting Everyone See Her Goods

While this shot doesn’t quite compare to the former Miss Hungary we found topless shots of, or the Miss Hungary that had nudie photos leaked by an ex-boyfriend, we’re still happy to see that the recently crowned Marianna “Maya” Bertók is willing to model clothes that leave little to the imagination. As in practically none. Some more pix here.